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Solid color supplex leggings with contrasting supplex panels and netted micromesh panels on legs. Contoured seams on rear to enhance your booty. Mid rise: approx. 9.5 inches. Wide waistband. High performance. One Size.

The wide flat waistband smooths out your waist with comfort, preventing chafing, and rises slightly in the back to enhance coverage while your body is in motion.

Perfect for any time of the day and any activity: from the gym to the street, work, lunch with friends, a quick drink after office, running errands or lounging at home.

This product is made with Supplex/Lycra, an extremely flexible material that stretches up to 5 times and returns to its original shape, it is softer than standard nylon fabrics, keeps its bright colors after years of use, never fuzzes or pills, resists odor, tear and wear, wicks moisture away, dries very fast and does not fade or shrink. It’s designed to move with your body, for high intensity workouts, as you squat, jump, flex, stretch and kneel.

Mesh is a material created with closely spaced small or big holes. It has a great deal of spandex in its construction, giving it a highly elastic property, making it the perfect option for activewear. It allows moisture through the weave and wicks it away from the body, where it can evaporate on the surface, keeping you cool while exercising. Stretchy, anti-microbial and breathable, mesh fabrics won’t make you feel overly hot or cold while sweating.

Our fabric comes with built-in UV SPF+50 protection technology, blocking both UVA and UVB damaging rays to keep your temperature under control and ideal for spending time outdoors. It also comes with anti-bacterial and anti-odor technology, with moisture wicking and quick dry properties, so you can feel fresh all day long.

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