Yarishna 40001 Jacket Women Fitness Activewear Workout Clothing Sports Apparel Gym Clothes

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This is an unique jacket. Dress is gold with this innovative design. Very sexy and soft jacket with a zip front. This jacket features a perfect fit, ideal for sports activities or casual wear. It is made of Supplex: 96% Polyester 4% Spandex. This jacket resists fading and shrinking and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool while on the move. Perfect for any time of the day: gym, fitness walking, jogging, running, yoga, pilates or relaxing at home. Look and feel sexy!! Women Activewear. Sexy Workout Clothes. Woman Gym Apparel. Woman Workout Clothing. Woman Sportswear. Sexy Fitness Clothing.  Women casual clothig. Workout Clothing Woman. Women Fitness Clothing. Sexy Activewear. Women Brazilian Activewear. Women Sexy Sportswear.Women Sports Clothing. Women Athletic Clothing. Womens Gym Apparel.

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